Since becoming self-employed, Anna has participated in a number of exhibitions and presented her own work, too, at a variety of venues, from North Wales to Yorkshire to the Home Counties.  For a long time, she explored mixed media, from small-scale CD-sized surreal cartoons to large-scale semi-abstract works involving, for example, pieces from a Burmese Screen or antique lace and paint, inscribed with some of her poetry.

  Anna writes stories and scripts as well, and worked as a playwright and co-ordinator in alternative theatre during her early career.  She has many years of experience teaching teenagers and adults drama, writing for theatre, fine art drawing, painting and mixed media.  She has also begun to include the arts as therapy in her portfolio, and is available to run workshops for people who need to find some creativity in their lives.


Please click on 'Go' above to view some examples of her work, visit her website at akoz.co.uk, or her cartoon portfollio at akoz.carbonmade.com or contact her by email at:   [email protected]